Data and communications cabling

Data and communications cabling

In today’s marketplace, effective and high-speed communication should be a priority for any organisation, so having a structured data cabling system installed in your building is essential. Modern business technology demands high-speed internet access and efficient computer networks linked to phone and VoIP systems.

Data cabling installation can be expensive and disruptive, so it’s important that your data cabling solution takes future needs into account as well as meeting current requirements. We are specialists in data cabling design and installation and can advise on any project, whether it’s a review or upgrade of an existing system, or a new installation.

Here are some of the services we can help with:

  • Data cabling
  • Category 5 and 5e cabling
  • Category 6 enhanced cabling
  • Fibre-optic cabling (single and multi-mode)
  • Telephone cabling
  • AV (audio-visual) cabling
  • Server room cabling


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