Generation Back-up

Generation backup

As businesses become increasingly reliant on data systems and the internet, it is becoming ever more vital to have backup systems in place for when the power fails. We supply and install 24-hour automatic cut-in generator backup systems that automatically sense power failure, supplying emergency power to enable work to carry on.

We can install complete systems that will run whole office buildings, or just vital sections such as data rooms, as required. Our expert team offers a high standard of service, from carrying out an initial survey to evaluate your requirements, through to commissioning and installing complete systems.

Eddy Blyth
Plus Projects
“As an Outsourced Project Manager, it is paramount that I have complete confidence in my Contractors to deliver, on time, budget and quality. I first used Hughes Escott on a number of small fit-out projects during 2011, since then they have become one of my trusted and regular suppliers being awarded Retail and Commercial projects from £20k to £400k.

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